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Time to spring clean your skincare?

Skin Care At Elements Beauty Spa Applecross, Perth

Do you have a lot of products that you bought or have been given that you don’t use? 

It’s the perfect time for a bit of spring cleaning. We hold on to skin care that we don’t love or use but it can also hold us back from getting something that dose work and that we will use.

* Don’t keep products because of guilt. Sometimes we buy things and wish we hadn’t or we get gifted things that just don’t suit our skin. Maybe it doesn’t feel good, maybe it doesn’t do what it promised and maybe you are just not someone who is going to do a big skin routine with lots of products every night. It’s okay to let these products go. Don’t keep them, based on a negative feeling.

*Check the use by dates on the packaging (often on the crimp of tubes). How long has it been open? The little pot with a lid symbol is your guide. The number next to the symbol is how many months after opening before you should stop using it. If it’s been to long, kiss it goodbye.

*If the product is still good use it up on your body. Be generous and you will use it up in no time. Sure it’s not the reason you bought it but getting to the end of a tube or pot is satisfying. That mask that was a bit too rich for your face? Do a body mask then jump in the shower. The exfoliant that was too grainy? Try it on your arms or legs.

*Again, if the product is still good find a friend or family member that may like it and give it away. It might not suit you but maybe it’s perfect for them.

* Once you are ready for a fresh start why not book a Skin Facial with us? It’s a great way to start a new skin journey and we can help you choose the solution that will give you the skin you have always wanted. You even get a take home, obligation free skin management plan. Book yours today below or call 9364 6414