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Start the year off right with these New Year Skin Tips

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    You may have seen lots of decluttering posts on Facebook recently and probably a lot of adverts for gyms. It’s that time of year when we all want to start off on the right foot with a few resolutions we hope we can stick to. Did you wake up on New Years Day and think today I am going to start taking better care of my skin? Here are some tips and changes you can make today to help you achieve that goal.

    New Year Skin Tips

    • Take a tip from the decluttering experts and chuck out the skin care you don’t use. All it does is sit there reminding you of the money you spent on it and stopping you buying something that does do the job instead. Feel bad throwing it away? Gift it to a friend, use face cream on your body to use it up fast, same goes for an exfoliant you don’t love. Check how old they are first though. There is a little open lid symbol on the pack that may say 6M or 12M. If it has been six months or twelve months since you opened it then don’t use it anywhere as it could cause an adverse reaction. Only keep the products you actually use. It’s liberating to let the rest go.
    • Check your sunscreen is still fresh. There should be an expiry date on the tube. Don’t risk using expired sun products as they may not do the job. At best you will get sun damage, at worst is a bad burn
    • Put your products where you will use them. If you only remember to cleanse in the shower put your cleanser in there. Same goes for your exfoliant. If you forget to take off your makeup off at night put Ultra B² Micellar Solution and some cotton pads by the bed for a quick “last thing before you go to sleep” cleanse. Putting your eye cream next to your moisturiser so you remember to use it helps too. You can even put a mask by the couch to pop on while you watch tv or read a book.
    • Keep it simple. Don’t add to many steps at a time. If you currently only moisturise then add a cleanser. If you are pretty good at the basics step things up with a serum that will target your biggest skin concern. If you keep it simple then add a little bit of extra care at a time you are more likely to stick to your routine.
    • Routines don’t come over night. If you forget to cleanse or use your Vitamin A serum don’t stress Pick up where you left off. The very best results come from using a product religiously from the first squirt to the last but we are not all capable of such devotion. Using your products most of the time is better than not at all. And the more times you resume using them the more likely a new habit will form.

    We hope you enjoyed our New Year Skin Tips. Happy New Year and Happy New Skin