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Our Top Five Winter Beauty Secrets

It’s cold outside so the team at Elements Beauty Spa in Applecross would love to share our Top Five Winter Beauty Secrets with you. We have some great tips to keep you looking and feeling your best despite the cold winter weather.

Winter Beauty Secrets Number One

If like a lot of our clients you have dry feet this time of year why not slather on some rich foot cream and pop a plastic freezer bag over your feet. Sounds weird, yes but then put on some thick socks. This tip is perfect for when you’re getting toasty by the fire or heater. The cream will act like an intense mask and really soak right in. Remove after thirty minutes (or leave longer for extra dry feet).

Winter Beauty Secrets Number Two

Reverse cycle air-conditioning can be super economical for heating but it can also be very drying for your skin. It is especially bad if you go from aircon at work to the car and then again at home. During winter it is a great idea to to go for a thicker moisturiser cream during the colder months. At Elements Beauty Spa we recommend the Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream from Ultraceuticals

Winter Beauty Secrets Number Three

Keep wearing sunscreen. Yes it’s not sunny. Yes you don’t even need sunglasses when you go outside. It might be colder and darker at the moment but that skin damaging UV is still there. It’s always doing damage and especially on when the sun actually does come out on winters days. Keep the damage at bay. Protect your skin with sunscreen in your daily moisturiser or in your makeup even if a stand alone sunscreen is a bit too thick. Our Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moisturisers are perfect and we even have a tinted version.

Winter Beauty Secrets Number Four

Urrgh. Nail polish takes forever to dry in colder, damp weather. We still want pretty hands and feet though. So here is a great tip if you get a manicure or a pedicure when the weather is wintery. Make sure you angle your cars heater vents onto your hands or feet for the drive home. Also, don’t be tempted to ditch the thongs for the ugg boots when you get home as the polish will stay soft for longer in winter than in summer. You may get indentations in the polish for a lot longer than normal.

Winter Beauty Secrets Number Five

A really good exfoliation and replenishing mask is a great idea in winter to boost your skins hydration and moisture levels. Our fabulous Express Microdermabrasion facial at Elements Beauty Spa is an ideal solution. It removes dead skin cells so your hydration products can really absorb into your skin and it includes a performance mask to calm and hydrate. Book today online below or call 9364 6414. Our team would love to make you an appointment and recommend other ways we can help you look and feel great this winter.

We hope you enjoyed our Top Five Winter Beauty Secrets, stay warm!

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