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If you think eyelash tinting stings you need to read this…

Eye Lash Tinting at Elements Beauty Spa

If you think eyelash tinting stings or it has stung for you in the past then you definitely need to read this. I have over twenty years experience in beauty. This has taught me a few things. If you are not allergic to the tint and you don’t have excessively watery eyes then an eyelash tint should should not sting.

Why do lash tints sting?

So what if your lash tint has in the past? Well if it does sting this is what I have found. It is more to do with the therapists technique than the eyelash tinting products or your own eyes. When tinting lashes it takes a little bit more concentration, skilled technique and time to do the perfect application.

How do we do it differently?

My team and I use a method that gets every lash tinted from root to tip including the bottom lashes without getting it into your eyes. We use enough lash tint product but no too much. We also don’t leave it on for a long time while we go do something else. It doesn’t take a long time to develop.

When the lash tint is ready and has done it’s job of giving you gorgeous dark lashes the next step is removal. The removal process is the key to no stinging.

Our removal process gets as much tint off your eye lashes as possible. The less lash tint on your lashes before rinsing means the less lash tint that can get in your eyes and cause them to sting. We carefully dry them and get the very last bit of lash tint under your eyes before you open them.

Happy Clients

We hear the words “wow that didn’t sting at all” all the time from clients. They had just accepted that eyelash tinting means stinging eyes. It shouldn’t. A little bit of extra care, the right amount of product and a great removal technique is all it takes to make the experience comfortable and sting free.

If you have put off getting your eye lashes tinted as you don’t like the stinging now is the time to make an appointment. One of our senior therapists will take the extra time and care to give you great, pain free dark eye lashes. We not try an eyebrow tint too?

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