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Give your skin a Hydration Boost with this great tip

    Elements Beauty Spa Skin Mask

    Does your skin need a hydration boost because its feeling extra dry or dehydrated?

    Skin can get dehydrated a number of ways and despite what you may think it’s not always about how much water you drink. The environment you are in from the weather to aircon or heating, even wind and humidity affect your skins hydration. Another key issue is your skins barrier. Is it looking moisture in or letting it escape.

    Dehydrated skin can look dull and show fine lines. A great way to boost your thirsty skin’s hydration is to mix some serum into your favourite mask. A mask is a great way to moisturise your skin but this can take it up a level hydration wise. We love adding a few pumps of Ultra B2 Serum into our Ultra Replenishing Mask for a really big skin hydration boost.

    Leave the mask and serum on to soak right in for at least ten minutes. Leaving it on longer is fine too. Then just wash or wipe it off. Better yet you can even massage it into your skin


    For even better results exfoliate with the Ultra Microfoliant or Ultra Exfoliating Gel prior to applying the mask and serum mix. Removing dead skin cells first will give the mix the best access to your skin.