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A good quality wax makes all the difference

Choosing quality hair removal wax

When it comes to hair removal waxing we all think about the salon or the staff member that is doing the service. But what about the actual hair removal wax? It can really make a huge difference in your experience and in the quality of the results. Hair removal waxes need to remove hair but they also need to be extra gentle on the skin that is being waxed. Cheaper waxes may save a salon money but I believe an investment in a really good quality wax can save your skin and that is far more important to me.

Good quality hair removal wax also makes for faster waxing as a good quality, low temperature wax is much faster to work with. Less time is very important when it comes to waxing services. No one wants a Brazilian wax to take forty five minutes for example, yikes!

Choosing the right hair removal wax for the right area is another key consideration. At Elements Beauty Spa our wax rooms have four different types of waxes. We use each different wax in a different way for different areas of the body. Sometimes in a combined approach where we use one for some hair and one for other hair in the same area.

Some salons use one type of wax from one pot for everywhere from your bikini line to your legs and eyebrow wax. No one cheap wax fits all skin types and areas here! We are really fussy and love to use top quality waxes beacuse we love the results.

Find out more about the waxing services we offer at Elements Beauty Spa at our Applecross salon here and when you are ready to book click here.

We would love to show you the difference great quality wax makes when you visit.